Month: March 2011

How to Repair a Broken Marble Bathtub Panel – Part 1

This tutorial shows how to repair a broken marble side panel on a whirlpool bathtub with the MagnaPanel™ magnetic access panel hardware kit. The cultured marble side panel on the whirlpool bathtub broke when the plumber removed it to replace the leaking polybutylene pipe. The side panel was pinched between the bathtub rim and the wood subfloor due to settling of the house and broke in half as it was...

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How to Repair a Broken Marble Bathtub Panel – Part 2

This project is continued from How to Repair a Broken Marble Bathtub Panel – Part 1. A quick review the MagnaPanel™ project status is: The marble side panel has been glued together with epoxy and 2×4 reinforcement blocks. The side panel slides freely onto the side of the bathtub frame. The MagnaPanel lag bolts have been countersunk and screwed into the bathtub frame. The MagnaPanel magnets are placed onto the head of the lag bolts. Epoxy the MagnaPanel Magnets to the Side Panel The magnets will now be epoxied to the back of the marble side panel using the...

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Leaking Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

This article describes water damage caused by leaking polybutylene water pipe and the cost to tear out and replace the hot & cold water plumbing with CPVC plastic pipe. Water Damage Caused by Leaking Polybutylene Pipe A friend’s home was built in the 1980’s when polybutylene water pipe (or tubing) was widely used as a faster and cheaper plumbing alternative versus copper and PVC pipe. The problem with polybutylene pipe is chlorine in municipal water supplies attacks the plastic, causing it to become brittle, resulting in breaks  and leaks that can flood the home. Polybutylene pipe is no longer allowed...

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