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ADT 103 Check Ingrng Radio Error Causes & Solutions

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Have you just gotten a notification indicating error code 103 on your alarm? What does it mean, and is it cause for concern?

The short answer is: not at all. This error code occurs frequently. Most importantly, it’s super easy to resolve, so if you considered calling an ADT technician, don’t!

This article is all the help you need! Learn what this code means, which ADT keypad models it appears on, why it appears, and most importantly, how to fix it once and for all.

ADT 103 Check Ingrng Radio Error
ADT 103 Check Ingrng Radio Error

103 Check Ingrng Radio Error: Explained

The “103 Check Ingrng” radio error appears on Honeywell Vista alarm system panels, particularly on an alphanumeric keypad like the Honeywell 6160 with a full English display.

 The “103 Check Ingrng” radio error code suggests a problem with the alarm’s cellular and internet communicator. This error code won’t appear on your panel if your alarm system is connected to a landline communicator.

Note: If you have a fixed English keypad, such as the Honeywell 6150, the error will display as a “bF code .” The error is the same in both scenarios but presented differently depending on the keypad’s type in the model.

103 Check Ingrng Radio Error: Source

The root cause of a “103 Check Ingrng” radio error lies somewhere between the system control panel and its communicator.

In a typical configuration, a communicator like iGSMV4G would be linked to a central security system control panel, such as the Vista-20P. The communicator and the control panel are connected through a wire.

With this layout, the error code “103 Check Ingrng” indicates a problem between the system communicator and the panel, preventing the security system from transmitting a proper signal to the ADT central monitoring stations.

103 Check Ingrng Radio Error: Root Causes

There are several causes of “103 Check Ingrng” radio errors. Some of the most common reasons are

  • No cellular or internet connection
  • Loose tamper cover
  • Loose wires or incorrect placement of wires
  • Low or dead batteries
  • Unregistered communicator

If you have an alphanumeric keypad like the Honeywell 6160, you will get a four-digit code on the screen alongside the “103 Check Ingrng” notification. So, instead of second-guessing and considering all the possible causes, use this code to figure out the issue much faster.

Note: This code appears on alphanumeric keypads with a full English display only, which is one of the reasons why these models are much better to have than a fixed English keypad.

Decoding the 4 Digit Codes on “103 Check Ingrng” Radio Error

Below is a table showing all the four-digit codes that can appear with the “103 Check Ingrng” notification. Use it as a fast reference to identify your system’s true problem.

000FNot registered (inactive) communicator
0C80Power on/reset and tamper detection on the communicator
08E0Low battery and communicator tamper detection
0000Lost communication between the panel and communicator
3000Primary power loss
0060Low battery
0880Tamper detection
0019Shutdown of the communicator
8000Battery charger malfunction
0005No longer in contact with the cell network
0400The control panel turned on or reset the communicator, it lost contact with it

Decoding the Lights on “103 Check Ingrng” Radio Error Communicator

Interpreting your communicator’s lights is another crucial component since it will further assist you in resolving your error problem.

The communicator has three lights: yellow, green, and red. The meanings and blinking patterns of these three lights are displayed in the table below.

Green Light (Status)Yellow Light (Message)Red Light (Fault)
Rapid blinkInstallation in progressPeriodic blinkCommunicator is normally workingRapid blinkNo network & loss of signal communication
Slow blinkRegistration in progressRapid blinkMessage awaiting network acknowledgmentSlow blinkECP fault
No lightSystem is registered and activeSlow blinkRegistration in progress or abnormal idle powerNo lightNo fault
Fixed lightSystem is inactive & yet to be registeredFixed lightSignal transmission is awaitingFixed lightNo network contact

These blinking patterns may be too confusing at first glance, so to keep it short and simple, remember only three things.

You will only see a periodically blinking yellow light if everything is operating normally. On the other hand, if there’s a malfunction, you’ll see a red signal, and a green light will appear if your communicator is not registered (inactive).

103 Check Ingrng Radio Error: Solutions

Once you’ve identified the root cause for the “103 Check Ingrng” error, it’s time to find a solution. Here’s how to address each situation.

No Internet

If you believe that the error occurred due to problems with the internet connection, restart the router and check for signs of damaged or loose cables.

Furthermore, inspect the quality and speed of your internet connection. If you’ve restarted the router and inspected the wires but still don’t have internet, get in touch with your internet service provider to troubleshoot the problem.

No Cellular Network

The “103 Check Ingrng” error will appear If you don’t have a cellular connection. In such a case, check for damaged cables.

If you have a cellular connection, but it’s too weak, think about investing in a cellular antenna or amplifier to improve and extend the signal range on all cellular devices.

Loose or Misplaced Wires

Because your alarm system is wired, any loose or misplaced cables will also result in a “103 Check Ingrng” problem. To check, give each cable a little tug.

If anything is detached, put them back in its designated terminal. While doing this, notice if the wires are connected correctly. Use the user manual as your guide.

Tamper Switch

If your keypad shows a tamper detection code, your communicator’s cover isn’t properly closed. This term is known as a “tamper switch.” So, always ensure the cover is closed correctly to solve your issue and prevent such problems.

Low Battery

Low battery may also cause the “103 Check Ingrng” error. If you see the “low battery” code, the backup battery in your communicator is either low or dead, and you need to replace it . Battery concerns can cause not only communication problems but also false alarms.


Last but not least, you may receive the code if your ADT communicator isn’t registered properly. What does that mean?

Assume you have a dual-path communicator. If the cellular path isn’t registered, “Check 103” will appear until ADT has finalized registering that path for your system. If the code for an unregistered communicator emerges on your display, call ADT at 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727), so they can check the registration process and troubleshoot the situation.

103 Check Ingrng Radio Error: Clearing the Error From the Display

By now, you should have found and resolved the root cause of the “103 Check Ingrng” radio error.  All you have to do now is clear the error code on your keypad.

Clearing the Error
Clearing the Error

You can do that in three effective methods:

  1. Double disarm: Type in your Master Code + 1 + Master Code + 1
  2. Disconnect the white cable from the keyboard: Put your system into test mode, open the security system keyboard, and remove the white cable. Place it back once 20 seconds have passed. Close your keyboard, type in your master password, then twice press the “off” button
  3. Power cycle: A power cycle begins by removing the battery from the control panel. Then, unplug the transformer from the AC power supply. Wait for a couple of seconds, then put back the battery and plug in the transformer

Hopefully, either one of these hacks will clear the mistake and permanently resolve your “103 Check Ingrng” radio error. If not, another problem could be at play, and you will need a qualified specialist to check the error.


The ADT code 103 error notice is very serious, and you shouldn’t disregard it. But it shouldn’t be a cause for concern if you follow this guide.

To sum up, the “103 Check Ingrng” radio error alerts you to the possibility that your system has a connectivity problem with your internet or cellular network.

The source for this problem lies somewhere between the ADT communicator and the control panel. What are the connectivity issues that may be happening between these two? That’s up for you to inspect.

The first thing you should do is check the four-digit code that appears next to the “103 Check Ingrng” notification. This code indicates the specific problem.

Once you’ve determined the reason for the code, you should implement our advice on how to solve it. For instance, if the keypad shows a low battery code, you need to replace it with a new one.

Last but not least, remember to clear the “103 Check Ingrng” notification on your display.

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