The BBQ gas grill is mounted on wheels and although the rear wheels have locks, a strong wind can push the grill across the deck and possibly damage something – a neighbor had this happen to them.

To prevent a strong wind from blowing it around, the grill was secured to the deck using Simpson Strong Tie metal straps (model #LSTA9) as shown:

Grill Bolted Down to Wood Deck

Grill Bolted Down to Wood Deck


How to Bolt Down a Gas Grill

The LSTA9 strap is 1-1/4 in wide by 9 in long. The strap was traced on a sheet of paper, cut out and trial fitted to line up the strap holes with the grill vent slots. The 90 degree bend was marked and folded on the paper template to ensure the fit was perfect.

The measurement of the 90 bend was transferred from the paper template to the metal strap. The strap was bolted in a bench vise at the bend point and hammered over. Be careful to observe the screw holes on the LSTA9 strap are different on each end – i.e. the two ends of the strap are not mirror images – so it’s important to orient each strap the same way before bending or the strap holes won’t align with the vent slots on the grill.

Three straps – both sides and rear – were installed with machine screws, washers and nuts through the grill vent slots and with corrosion resistant wood screws to the deck.

The grill is now firmly mounted in place and very secure.

Bob Jackson

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