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Meter-Treater 400-1SL-A Surge Protector

Whole House Electrical Surge Protection

Spring is here and I’ve been researching whole house electrical surge protection solutions to safeguard the appliances, air conditioner and other expensive electronics to prepare for the thunderstorm season. Choosing a surge protection solution can be confusing because of the wide variety of surge suppression products on the market. Electrical Surge Protective Device Requirements Surge […]

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Whole House Surge Protection Diagram UL 1449

Whole House Electrical Surge Protection – Part 2

This article is continued from Whole House Electrical Surge Protection – Part 1. The Meter-Treater whole house surge protector is a first line of defense for stopping power surges before it enters the house. However, the Meter-Treater doesn’t guarantee protection for sensitive electronics (TV, computer, etc.) nor can it stop surges entering the house over […]

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