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Sagging Porch Foundation Repair with Helical Piers

This project explains how a sagging front porch foundation is repaired by raising with helical piers. Porch Foundation Failure Signs The right side of my front porch was sinking over time and growing worse. The gutter installers commented the porch roof was unusually sloped by a couple of inches as they pitched the gutters. Compare […]

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Porch Foundation Repair - Driving Helical Pier

Porch Foundation Repair – Helical Pier Installation

ECP helical piers are installed under the porch foundation before raising the foundation. This project is continued from Sagging Porch Foundation Repair with Helical Piers. Call Before You Dig – Mark the Utilities I contracted with Atlas Piers of Atlanta, Inc. to repair the porch foundation. Atlas contacted the “Call Before You Dig” 811 service […]

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Porch Foundation Lifting using Helical Piers and 25 Ton Hydraulic Ram

Porch Foundation Repair – Jacking with Helical Piers

Three helical piers and brackets have been installed under the sagging porch foundation. The Atlas Piers crew is ready to jack up the porch! This project is continued from Porch Foundation Repair – Helical Pier Installation. The problem overview and project introduction is explained in Sagging Porch Foundation Repair with Helical Piers. Helical Foundation Piers Recall […]

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Pressure Grouting after Foundation Repair - Soil Stabilization and Void Filling

Porch Foundation Repair – Cement Pressure Grouting

This project explains the cement pressure grouting process to stabilize the soil and fill voids after jacking up the porch foundation. My front porch foundation had settled several inches due to insufficient backfill compaction when the house was built. Raising the foundation left a large void under the foundation, porch slab and sidewalk that needed […]

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