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Oxidized Headlight Restoration with Flitz Buff Ball and Polish-Paste

How to Clean Foggy Oxidized and Cloudy Headlights

This tutorial how to clean foggy oxidized and cloudy headlights on an older car with a commercial cleaning kit. The plastic lens haze is removed by polishing and sealing. Cloudy Plastic Headlight Lenses The headlights on my 11 year old Volkswagen Passat were cloudy and turning yellow from oxidation of the plastic headlight lenses. Up close, […]

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Clean the Tire Bead and Wheel Rim with Compressed Air

How to Fix a Leaking Lawn Mower Tire Rim

This project explains how to fix a leak between the wheel rim and tire bead on a lawn mower tire. The tubeless tire on my zero turn riding mower had a slow air leak. I finally got tired (pun intended) of adding air every two weeks and decided to fix the leak once and for […]

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Crimp-on Butt Connector Nose Wire Eyeglass Frame Repair

How to Repair a Broken Eyeglass Frame Nose Wire

This project explains how to how to repair a broken eyeglass frame nose wire with an inexpensive wire crimp connector and pliers. The nose wire on my Flexon titanium alloy eyeglass frames broke and were out of warranty. My bad luck continued when the lens fell out of my backup pair of eyeglasses. Since it […]

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