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Pop-up Sink Drain: Rusted Pivot Rod

How to Replace a Pop-Up Sink Drain

This step-by-step tutorial shows how to replace a bathroom sink pop-up drain. The sink pop-up stopper wouldn’t raise when the lift handle was moved, preventing water from draining. Something in the pop-up mechanism was broken. Sink Drain Repair – Broken Pop-Up Stopper I used the tip of my pocket knife to lift the edge of […]

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Studor Mini-Vent Installation

How to Fix a Sewer Gas Smell

This project explains how to fix a sewer gas smell coming from under the bathroom sink by replacing the one-way air admittance plumbing valve. A distinct sewer gas odor was coming from the bathroom sink area. At first I wondered if there were a leaky pipe or such. Sniffing around, it was clearly strongest under […]

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