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Mobotix D24M: Internet Access Network Diagram

Mobotix D24M-SEC Network Camera – Internet Access

If you missed the prior installment of this project, click here to read about the flash memory upgrade. This tutorial explains how to configure the Linksys WRT54G router and Mobotix D24M network camera for Internet access in both secure (SSL/https) and non-secure modes (http). This configuration enables secure web browser access to the camera from […]

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Mobotix D24M: Quick Installation - Store Configuration

Mobotix D24M-SEC Network Camera Setup – Part 3

This project is continued from Part 2. Quick Installation Wizard (continued) Enter the IP address for your preferred DNS servers next. The DNS servers I use are: OpenDNS, and Level 3 at The camera network configuration is now finished. Print the configuration summary screen. Click Store Configuration to save it to the […]

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Mobotix D24M IP Camera: Linksys WRT54G PoE Network Setup

Mobotix D24M-SEC Network Camera Setup – Part 1

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to configure the Mobotix D24M-SEC IP camera. The Mobotix D24M is a professional grade system that requires some effort to read the ~150 page D24M Camera Manual and ~300 page Software Camera Manual and experiment with different camera options. Or you can follow these quick instructions for this camera configuration […]

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Mobotix D24M-SEC HiRes Internet Camera

Mobotix D24M-SEC HiRes IP Camera Review

This project series explains how to configure and operate a Mobotix D24M-SEC megapixel internet camera to get you up and running quickly. The Mobotix D24M is an indoor/outdoor professional grade system that’s most often used in commercial applications (banks, retail stores, hotels, office buildings, etc.) for security and surveillance. The Mobotix D24M camera is also […]

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