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Roku XDS Model 2100X Netflix Player

Roku Netflix Player Product Review

I purchased a Roku XDS digital video player so the whole family could watch Netflix instantly on the high definition TV and I’m very pleased to write this Roku product review. Roku has opened up a whole new world of internet video entertainment on the flatscreen TV including YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora internet radio and […]

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Mobotix D24M: Event Player - Video Motion Event 8507

Mobotix D24M Network Camera – Video Playback

In the last installment of this series, the Mobotix D24M-SEC network camera was configured for continuous recording with video motion events. This tutorial explains how to playback and download the recorded video. Mobotix provides the free MxEasy and MxControlCenter for camera setup, configuration and video management. These are purpose-built applications are feature rich, user-friendly and […]

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Mobotix D24M: Setup Menu - Color Settings - Gray World Exposure

Mobotix D24M-SEC Network Camera – ActiveX Control

Click here if you missed the prior installment of this project series. If you want playback recorded MxPEG video and audio streams in a web browser, you’ll need to install the Mobotix ActiveX control for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Alternatively, you could use the free MxEasy or MxControlCenter fat client applications to playback video, but […]

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Mobotix D24M: Internet Access Network Diagram

Mobotix D24M-SEC Network Camera – Internet Access

If you missed the prior installment of this project, click here to read about the flash memory upgrade. This tutorial explains how to configure the Linksys WRT54G router and Mobotix D24M network camera for Internet access in both secure (SSL/https) and non-secure modes (http). This configuration enables secure web browser access to the camera from […]

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