This article describes how to configure a RemoteLinc Insteon wireless remote control using the ISY-99i Home Automation Controller to manage other Insteon devices.

I use the RemoteLinc to control the lights around my home. The “All On” button makes for a nice panic button if kept by the bedroom nightstand.

The RemoteLinc makes a pleasant beep and the LED illuminates when a button is pressed.

RemoteLinc #2440 - Insteon Wireless Remote Control

RemoteLinc #2440 – Insteon Wireless Remote Control

The RemoteLinc is perfect for controlling Insteon scenes while seated comfortably on the couch in front of the TV.

The RemoteLinc package includes the remote control, a one sheet Quick Start Guide and four AAA batteries.

RemoteLinc 2440 Remote Control Kit

RemoteLinc 2440 Remote Control Kit

The RemoteLinc has four rubber feet on the bottom, a nice touch so it doesn’t slide around on the table when you press a key. The Insteon device address is inside the battery compartment.

RemoteLinc 2440 - Rear View

RemoteLinc 2440 – Rear View

Linking a RemoteLinc: ISY-99i Administrative Console

You don’t need an ISY-99i Home Automation Controller to link and control other Insteon devices with the RemoteLinc. Just follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and you’ll be ready in minutes.

I happen to have an ISY-99i controller by Universal Devices, Inc. and the setup is easily done via the Administrative Console. The Universal Devices Wiki page is very helpful, too.

Follow these steps to link a RemoteLinc and control scenes:

Step 1: Click Link ManagementLink a RemoteLinc on the Admin Console menu.

Step 2: Put the RemoteLinc in Communications Mode by pressing and holding the Dim and Bright buttons for 10 seconds or until the RemoteLinc LED starts flashing.

Step 3: Enter the RemoteLinc address in the “New Insteon Device” dialog box. Click OK.

The ISY-99i will add the RemoteLinc to the My Lighting inventory, creating an instance for each of the six keypad buttons named [address].1, [address].2, …, [address].6 as illustrated here:

ISY-99i Admin Console - Link a RemoteLinc

ISY-99i Admin Console – Link a RemoteLinc

Step 4: Rename each of six RemoteLinc Buttons

I prefer to name Insteon devices something more meaningful than the device address. Right-click on each of the six button instances and rename it to your liking. I simply named my buttons “RemoteLinc Btn N” where N is 1 to 6.

Rename the RemoteLinc Buttons

Rename the RemoteLinc Buttons

Step 5: Add a RemoteLinc Button to a Scene

Right click on a RemoteLinc button under My Lighting and then click Add to Scene…

Choose a scene from the popup dialog.

The Confirm Add dialog box is displayed with a progress bar.

Add a RemoteLinc Button to a Scene as a Controller

Add a RemoteLinc Button to a Scene as a Controller

Step 6: Test the Button

The RemoteLinc button is shown as a controller in the scene. Click the RemoteLinc button to confirm the target device operates correctly.

Scene with RemoteLinc Button

Scene with RemoteLinc Button

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the other buttons.

Create Custom Button Labels

It’s simple to create custom button labels using the Microsoft Word template at Just edit the template, print the page and cut out the new label with scissors. Gently pry off the dust cover, insert the new labels and snap the dust cover back in place.

RemoteLinc Custom Button Labels

RemoteLinc Custom Button Labels

The RemoteLinc is great because of it’s ease of use and portability.

Take care,

Bob Jackson

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