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How to Fix bF Code on ADT Alarm

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ADT alarm systems have one purpose: to protect our households. To achieve this purpose, the alarm system needs a method of communication – something through which it can tell us that there’s a break-in, damage, malfunction, etc.

The keypad is that form of communication, and ADT provides a variety of keypad types to meet the demands of any family. These keypads’ displays show a combination of codes that we, as customers, must know if we want the best possible protection for our home.

bF Code on ADT Alarm
bF Code on ADT Alarm

One such code that frequently leaves people scratching their heads is the bF code displayed on a Honeywell 6150 keypad. What does it signify, and more importantly, can it be fixed? Yes it can, so let’s dive right in.

bF Code: Explained

The bF code can be displayed on the Honeywell 6150 keypads used by ADT security systems. Most of the time, people are confused and believe that bF is 6F because on the display screen, the letter “b” appears very similar to the number “6.” However, the correct way to pronounce this code is “bF.”

This code is not good news. “bF” stands for “Backup Failure.”When the code appears, it indicates a network issue preventing ADT monitoring centers from obtaining reports through your alarm.

Whenever the security alarm system is triggered, it sends signals to the central monitoring station for help. This duo protects our houses against burglaries and in the event of CO poisoning, a gas leak, a fire, and other disasters.

So, if your alarm cannot transmit signals to the ADT monitoring station, which is the case when the bF code is activated, it’s technically ineffective – emergency services can’t be automatically alerted and dispatched.

How to Fix BF Code on ADT Security Alarm?

Clearing the Error
Fix BF Code on ADT Security Alarm

Now that we know what bF code means, let’s find a solution. Sadly, many circumstances can lead to a backup failure, so be ready for some trial and error.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

A good internet connection is vital for your ADT system to operate effectively. But let’s face it – the internet frequently goes down. If you get a bF error on your keypad, you first need to check the internet to ensure it’s up and running and your panel is getting good internet connectivity.

To begin with, make sure your internet router is active. It’s also a good idea to reset it by turning it off for a few minutes and then back on.

Also, examine the internet cables. Check whether the connection is solid and that no wire is frayed or disconnected.

Then, test your internet connection by opening a website like www.fast.com to see whether it’s functioning correctly and at full speed.

Contact your internet service provider if you aren’t getting a signal on your phone or laptop. For example, maybe a local internet spike caused an issue with your connection.

2. Check the Cellular Connection

ADT alarm systems transmit signals through landline, cellular, or internet connection. However, plenty of ADT security system models run on both internet and cellular connection for faster signal transmission and increased security.

This means that, if you have an ADT model that runs on both, the panel will continue to deliver alarm signals using the cellular method if there’s no internet connection.

However, the bF code may appear if the panel can’t interact with the nearest cellular tower, regardless of whether your ADT security system uses cellular communication exclusively or a combination of both.

The chances of cellular towers losing connection are slimmer than the chances of your internet connection dropping. Unless a natural disaster brings down all the cellular towers, you won’t see any of them losing the network.

Nevertheless, you should inspect the connecting wires and see if your phone has a strong cellular signal.

Consider purchasing a cellular antenna or amplifier if your home doesn’t have a strong cellular signal. A cellular amplifier is often preferable since it will extend the range of all cellular devices, including your mobile phone and alarm system.

3. Check for Other Minor Issues

The most frequent reason for bF messages is the loss of a cellular or internet connection. However, occasionally there can be other factors at work. Watch out for other small issues that can be why this bF code appears on your keypad.

For starters, ensure everything is connected correctly by inspecting the wiring and giving each piece a little tug.

Additionally, check to see if you made the connections appropriately. Often you may get a bF message because you wired in the green wire to the yellow terminal and vice versa.

Verify the communicator’s cover tamper. A cover tamper occurs when someone removes the cover from your alarm keypad. A back tamper also occurs when the mounting bracket and the alarm keypad are taken off. A bF alert on display may tell you something is amiss if you accidentally or purposefully removed the keypad from the wall.

Last but not least, make sure the keypad on your ADT security system has fresh batteries. In addition to setting off false alerts, a dead or non-rechargeable battery not only triggers a bF code but may also leave you without a backup power source in the event of a power outage. Therefore, always replace old batteries with new ones to avoid false alarms, possible fees, and undesired annoyance.

4. Clear the BF Error Code

If the ADT bF code error notice persists even after the issue has been fixed, don’t worry! The error notice will vanish once you arm and disarm the alarm. If the bF code keeps appearing, you can choose to double disarm.

To arm and disarm a security system enter your MASTER CODE + 1. Carry out the procedure once more if the bF still appears on display.

Let’s say that after disarming and rearming your ADT system, the code error goes away. If so, congrats, you’ve solved your bF issue! If it persists, contact ADT support staff and request their assistance. They’ll send you a professional who can quickly identify and fix the root cause.


In conclusion, bF, which stands for backup failure, denotes a network issue that prevents your ADT security system from contacting ADT’s monitoring centers.

If a security system can’t communicate with its monitoring center, it won’t be able to alert the monitoring centers in case of danger, so nobody will know that you’re in trouble!

To fix this issue, always check your internet and cellular connections, inspect the wires, cover, and back-tamper, and install new batteries as necessary.

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