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How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter

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This project explains how to install a Waste King Quick & Hot® Elite Series instant hot water dispenser, Westbrass Velosah hot water faucet and 3M Filtrete 3US-PS01 under sink water filter. You can mix and match any 3 tube hot water faucet with the Waste King hot water tank to match your kitchen décor.

How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter

I purchased the Waste King Quick & Hot tank and Velosah hot water faucet on Amazon. Also see the Quick & Hot Tank Installation Guide.

Waste King Quick & Hot Elite Hot Water Dispenser and Westbrass Velosah Faucet

Also see this related project for how to install an under-sink electrical outlet.

Why Choose the Waste King Hot Water Dispenser?

I’ve had a great experience with the Waste King Legend L-8000 garbage disposal with a lifetime in-home service warranty, so I considered the Waste King Quick & Hot water dispensers when looking for a new unit. Waste King manufactures two Quick & Hot water dispenser models:

  1. The AH-1300-C white plastic case model with a 1 year warranty and
  2. The AH-1300SS-C Elite Series stainless steel case model with a 3 year warranty.

The performance specs on the two models are the same:

  • 1300 watts
  • 5/8 gallon tank capacity
  • 140 to 190 degree F temperature range
  • 60 cups per hour

I chose the Waste King Quick & Hot Elite stainless steel unit for the 3 year warranty.

Kitchen Hot Water Dispenser Plumbing Diagram

The following plumbing diagram is useful to plan your work and ensure the all right size fittings are on hand. Most of the fittings were supplied with the hot water dispenser and water filter kits. The “missing link” that I needed to purchase was the WATTS® Quick-Connect reducer coupling to connect the 3/8 inch blue plastic water filter tube to the 1/4 copper faucet supply tube. The WATTS reducer coupling was an extra item because the Filtrete water filter assumed the filter would be connected to the cold water side of the main kitchen faucet.

Old Hot Water Faucet Removal

I had previously removed the old hot water dispenser and capped off the water supply when I replaced the garbage disposal. See this project for details of that rusted and leaking mess.

The old hot water faucet is a low profile model with a four (4) tube hookup. The problem is the low profile faucet gets in the way and gets banged up and chipped from pots and pans in the sink basin creating sharp edges that have cut me on occasion. This is why I chose the new “goose neck” Velosah hot water faucet that wouldn’t obstruct access to the sink basin.

The old faucet on the left will be removed:

Old Hot Water Dispenser Faucet (Left Sink Basin)

The garbage disposal and PVC drain pipes are in the way. I need to temporarily remove these to install the instant hot water dispenser and water filter.

Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Kitchen Sink Cabinet

It was simple to loosen the slip joints on the PVC drain pipe and swing the waste arm to the right out of the way. The Waste King Legend L-8000 garbage disposal was unplugged and the mount ring turned to drop the garbage disposal. Now I’ve got some room to work inside the kitchen sink cabinet!

Temporarily Remove the Garbage Disposal Unit

The old hot water faucet was there when I bought the house and it took me a moment to figure out how to remove it. I looked a how the faucet was mounted under the sink inside the kitchen cabinet. Clearly there’s no way to turn the captive nut on the threaded rod:

Old Instant Hot Water Faucet Under Sink Mount Nut & Plate

I unsnapped the faucet handle by prying it off with my fingers to reveal a Philips head screw attached to the threaded mounted rod. I put my cordless drill/driver in reverse and loosened the mounting rod. (Look closely at the end of the faucet to see how it’s chipped with sharp edges that I described previously.)

Removing the Old Hot Water Faucet: Turning the Threaded-Rod Mounting Screw

The old hot water faucet and mounting parts:

Old Hot Water Faucet Removal: Faucet, Mounting Plate and Square Nut

This project is continued in How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter – Part 2.

Thanks for reading,

Bob Jackson

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