How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter: Mount the 3M Filtrete water filter under the kitchen sink. This project is continued from How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Part 2.

I drink the city water from the tap and think it’s just fine. However my wife and daughter object to the perceived chlorine odor and refuse to drink tap water, insisting on filtered or bottled water. Because the instant hot water dispenser will be used for making tea, hot chocolate, instant oatmeal, etc. I bought a 3M Filtrete™ model 3US-PS01 under sink water filter.

3M Filtrete Under Sink Water Filter Model 3US-PS01

How to Install and Under Sink Water Filter

I chose the 3M Filtrete model 3US-PS01 water filter because:

  • It had great reviews on
  • 6 month and 2,000 gallon filter life
  • Quick and no mess filter change without tools
  • Reasonably priced for the initial kit and replacement filter cartridges
  • 3M Filtrete company reputation for quality products

Closeup of the Filtrete filter head and cartridge:

3M Filtrete Water Filter 3US-PS01: Filter Head and Cartridge

I placed the Waste King Quick & Hot Elite instant hot water dispenser tank and Filtrete filter inside the kitchen sink cabinet to decided where to best mount the two items. The hot water dispenser tank must be located on the back wall to reach the faucet hookup tubes. The 3M Filtrete filter will be mounted to the side wall of the cabinet. The Westbrass Velosah faucet hookup instructions are lying on the cabinet floor.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Checking Placement for Tank and Filter

I positioned the filter head with the filter cartridge attached on the side wall of the sink cabinet, allowing for the required minimum of 2-1/2 inches of clearance between the cartridge bottom and cabinet floor to change the cartridge. I removed the cartridge, checked the filter head was level, marked the 3 screw mounting holes with a pencil and set the mounting screws. Be sure to check whats on the other side of the cabinet so the mounting screws don’t pierce something important – like a drawer, dishwasher, wire or pipe!

The Filtrete installation instructions are detailed and well illustrated, but don’t explain what that short white tube is for – my guess it’s some kind of safety pressure relief.

3M Filtrete Water Filter Installation: Filter Head Mounting

3M Filtrete filter head and cartridge mounted to the kitchen sink cabinet:

3M Filtrete Water Under Sink Filter Installation Model # 3US-PS01

This project is continued in How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter – Part 4.

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