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How to Install a Kitchen Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter – Part 5

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Reinstall the garbage disposal and test the new hot water dispenser. This project is continued from How to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Faucet and Water Filter – Part 4.

The instant hot water dispenser and under sink water filter plumbing connections are now complete!

Re-Install the Garbage Disposal

The Waste King Legend L-8000 garbage disposal is reattached to the mount ring, the electrical cord plugged into the receptacle, and the PVC waste arm swung back in place and connected to the disposal unit. Take care to tighten the PVC slip nuts on the drain pipes to prevent a leak. Notice the instant hot water dispenser tank is NOT plugged into because the water supply is still OFF and the tank must not be heated while empty.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Reinstall the Garbage Disposal

Turn on the Water and Flush the System

The next steps are to:

  • Turn the water to the house back ON.
  • Close the several open faucets in the house that were opened previously to drain the pipes.
    Give it a minute or so to flush the air out the pipes while the faucets hiss and spat air in the lines.
  • Open the quarter turn hot and cold water stop valves under the kitchen sink.
  • Turn on the main kitchen faucet to flush the air out of the lines.
  • Hold open the instant hot water dispenser faucet for about 5 minutes to flush the air from the Filtrete water filter and Waste King hot water tank.
    The Westbrass Velosah hot water faucet handle is spring loaded and has to be held open for water to flow. I laid my wrench on the handle to hold it open rather than stand there for 5 minutes.
  • Check all the under-sink plumbing connections and fittings for leaks while flushing the system.
    I visually check for leaks with a bright light and also by feeling around the fittings for wetness.

Remember, the instant hot water dispenser is NOT plugged in at this time.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Fill and Flush the System

Faucet Pull-Out Sprayer: Potential Problem

The main kitchen faucet has a pull-out sprayer head. I noticed the sprayer hose would rub against the blue plastic water filter supply tube as shown in the red inset of the photo below. I might never be a problem, but I was concerned the metal braided sprayer hose would rub a hole in the blue plastic line over time and cause it to spring a high pressure water leak.

To correct this potential problem:

  • I went through the routine of shutting off the water to the house, opening faucets to relieve the water pressure and drain the house pipes.
  • Disconnected the blue plastic water filter line from the 1/4 turn 3-way stop valve.
  • Loosened the 3-way stop valve compression nut and turned the valve body counter clockwise to route the water filter line in front of the PVC plumbing vent stack where it wouldn’t be touched by the faucet sprayer pull-out hose.
  • Reconnected the blue water filter line to the 1/4 turn stop valve.
Reroute Water Filter Line to Avoid Rubbing on the Pull-out Faucet Sprayer Hose

I turned the house water back on and flushed the air out of the system.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Testing

I plugged the hot water dispenser electrical cord into the dedicated 20 AMP single outlet protected by a ground fault circuit breaker, then set the thermostat control dial to “High Max” per the Waste King Quick & Hot instructions. The instructions state the water temperature should reach about 200 degrees F in 15 minutes.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Temperature Control Set to Max

Here’s the finished instant hot water dispenser installation. I’ve covered that hole in the bottom of the cabinet with a plastic disk sealed with a bead of non-adhesive silicone caulk so small items wouldn’t be lost.

Kitchen Sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

The hot water is indeed scalding hot with generous amounts of steam!

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation: Hot Water and Steam!

My wife and daughter really like the instant hot water dispenser and it’s a nice convenience. They said there’s no hint of chlorine in the water with the Filtrete under sink water filter. They use the dispenser all the time for hot tea. I prefer ice tea, so I’ll steep a tea bag for several minutes then add ice. The scalding water also works wonders for dissolving sticky or baked on food when scrubbing dishes.


Bob Jackson

20 AMP outlet3-way stop valve3M Filtrete 3US-PS01garbage disposalground fault circuit breaker
Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson
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