How to Replace a Dishwasher – arrange the water supply line, drain hose and electrical wiring then set the dishwasher under the kitchen counter. This project is continued from How to Replace a Dishwasher – Part 4.

Dishwasher Cabinet Installation

I’m almost ready to slide the new dishwasher under the counter. First, tape the water supply line and house electrical wire to the floor as shown. (I used clear packing tape that is hard to see in the photo.) Next, insert the flexible drain tube into the hole at the back of the cabinets as far as it will go so you can pull it through as you slide in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Water, Electrical and Drain Hose Connections

Raise and Level the Dishwasher

I slid the dishwasher sideways next to the counter to check the gap between the mounting bracket and bottom of the counter top. It’s way easier to make the major adjustments to the dishwasher feet while it’s out in the open. The dishwasher needed to be raised about 1″ so the bracket would be roughly even with the bottom of the counter.

Tip: A generous gap between the dishwasher and counter top is needed for venting, so don’t raise the dishwasher so high that you mash the mounting bracket.

Check the Dishwasher Mounting Bracket Gap Clearance with the Countertop

The dishwasher is shipped from the factory with the feet fully retracted. The feet studs have a hex head that fits a socket wrench.

Socket Wrench to Adjust the Height of the Dishwasher Feet

Unscrew the feet to raise the dishwasher, checking the mounting bracket clearance with the counter top. I found that if I raised the dishwasher (it’s not heavy) I could spin the feet out quickly with my fingers saving some time.

Raise the Dishwasher by Extending the Feet

Front and rear feet adjustments to raise the dishwasher. Do the same for the feet on the other side.

Dishwasher Feet Height Adjustment

Install the Dishwasher under the Kitchen Counter

Getting ready to slide the dishwasher in under the counter. Verify the hoses and wires are positioned as shown.

Ready to Slide the Dishwasher under the Counter

Gently slide the dishwasher into the space under the cabinet. Stop every foot or so to pull the drain line through the cabinet and check for kinks.

Dishwasher Ready to Slide under the Cabinet

Check the dishwasher water supply line and house electrical wiring is accessible and positioned as shown.

Dishwasher Water Supply Line and House Electrical Wire

In How to Replace a Dishwasher – Part 6 the dishwasher is mounted to the cabinet the water and electrical connections are made.

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