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3 Ways to Turn off ADT Alarm System Without Code

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A security alarm comprises a network of sensors responsive to break-ins. But more often than not, such sensors might be unintentionally activated by you, your family members, or your pets, leading to a false alarm.

Unintentional false alarms are stressful! Everyone in your home, including your neighbors, is usually startled by the noise, and in those moments of panic, your only thought is to stop it.

But what happens if you forget the code to turn off the alarm? Can you disarm the alarm without the code, or do you have to wait for the police to show up and potentially penalize you for a false alarm ? Let’s find out.

Method #1: Turn off ADT Alarm System With a Verbal Security Password

With ADT, you have up to 3 minutes to turn off your alarm. If you input the correct code within these 3 minutes, congrats, your problem is resolved, and you can go on with your day.

If you can’t remember your code, the ADT monitoring center will be alerted, and they will need to get in touch with you or someone on your emergency contact list to verify the cause of the alarm.

Turn off ADT Alarm System
Turn off ADT Alarm System

When they call you, they’ll ask for your ADT password. This password is not the 4-digit code you forgot but the vocal security password for the alarm that serves as a way to identify yourself on the phone. ADT uses it to locate you in their system and confirm your identity when speaking with you.

If you provide the correct password, ADT will turn off your alarm. However, if you also can’t remember your verbal password, you must turn off the alarm manually. There are various ways to do this, which we’ll demonstrate next.

Method #2: Turn off ADT Alarm System With a Key Fob

One of the most practical ways to silence alarms without inputting the code is with a key fob. All it takes is pressing the button to disable the alarm, and the beeping will end.

The key fob is small enough to fit in your pocket, bag, or backpack. It also comes with a keyring to attach to the rest of the keys from your home. It offers a simple layout with four buttons.

ADT Alarm Key Fob
ADT Alarm Key Fob

One of its icons is a panic button that immediately alerts ADT’s monitoring centers to call emergency services if you ever feel unsafe at home — a significant advantage in a crisis.

In addition, the key fob’s lithium batteries last for two years, and the gadget will also notify you when it’s time to change them.

However, if you don’t have a key fob, there’s one more method to try.

Method #3: Turn Off Adt Alarm System by Resetting the System

If you cannot silence the alarm because you lack the code, password, or key fob, it’s time for a system reset.

Resetting the System
Resetting the System

You should only use this as a last resort.

One alarm model differs from another, so you may need to do a physical reset depending on the alarm you have placed. Below we provide a simple guide for resetting the alarm.

1. Find the ADT Control Panel Box

The control panel is usually found in the utility room, attic, or basement.

The first step is to unlock the door with the key that rests on top or remove the screws from the cover. Once done, the control panel battery will be on the bottom.

The second step is to remove the battery. Pull the connection off the black and red wire terminals by slightly moving them until they’re loose and separate. To reduce the chance of a fire, keep metal objects away from the exposed wire connection ends and the battery terminals.

Do not panic if the alarm continues to ring since your alarm system is hard-wired, and electricity powers it. The battery’s sole function is to provide backup power in case of a power outage. So, to turn off its power, you must disconnect it from the AC, which should be your next step.

2. Locate the Transformer or Circuit Breaker

Once you’ve removed the backup power supply and the battery, you need to shut down the system from the AC power. There are two ways to do this: unplugging the transformer or switching off the ADT circuit breaker.

The transformer serves as the primary power source for your alarm system. It usually sits near the control panel and has a standard outlet. Locate the transformer, remove the screw, and unplug it.

If you don’t have the time nor the nerves to unscrew the transformer, you can go for the second option: the circuit. Once you have the circuit in front of you, search for the switch that connects to the ADT alarm system.

Once you switch it off, the system will stop the beeping sound.

3. Reboot the System

Leave the system turned off for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, the system shouldn’t start beeping again when switched back on. However, if it does, you must restart the procedure, shut everything down once more, and contact ADT for more help.

Call ADT at 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727) to ask for assistance. Leave your ADT alarm off until an ADT professional comes to your location. An ADT professional can permanently turn off the alarm and add a new one using the installer code.

For security reasons, ADT installers only know this code, hence the name. Plus, this is the only way to add a new code to your system if you’ve forgotten the one you already had. Once you’ve acquired a new code, write it down someplace safe.

Also, don’t look for default installation codes online. ADT does not use default installation codes.

Trying them out will be pointless, and you’ll lose precious time.


So there you have it! The three methods for turning off an alarm system without using your code. Even though the process may initially seem difficult and complex, the following things will save you a ton of time.

  • Make sure you remember the ADT vocal password. If not, write it down.
  • Your ADT key fob should always be at a close distance
  • Always know the exact location of the circuit
  • Be familiar with which circuit switch gives power to the ADT security system
  • Always know the location of the ADT control panel, including the key and the transformer
  • Be familiar with how to remove the ADT battery
  • If you change a new code, write this down as well

Not panicking is the most important thing. The loudness of ADT alarms is enough to bother you and everyone around you. If you take excellent care of your alarm code, do frequent system tests, educate yourself on what might set off an alarm, and always keep your batteries fresh, you will be prepared when there’s an alarm or prevent future issues and useless warnings in the first place..

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