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How to Free a Stuck Window Sash

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This tutorial explains how to free a stuck window sash by checking for sashes “glued” with paint, wiggling the window frame and lubricating the tracks.

Today is the first day of Fall, the summer heat has broken and the nighttime temperatures are in the high 50’s. It’s time to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows.

There’s just one problem. A few of the window sashes are stuck. Some are frozen because paint has glued the sash to the tracks and/or the tracks need to be lubricated.

The windows are the “double hung” variety, meaning the top and bottom sashes can be raised and lowered independently. The vinyl tracks – also called jamb liners – are the compression type, having a foam backing to maintain a tight seal around the window while allow the window to be removed – with difficulty – for repairs if necessary. A coiled compression spring inside the tracks counter balances the weight of the windows.

Double Hung Window Sash and Track
Double Hung Window Sash and Track

How to Free a Stuck Window Sash

  • First check if the vinyl tracks (jamb liners) are the compression type.
    The windows tracks on my windows are the compression type that flex outward to hug the windows frame. If so, press the jamb liner inward with your thumb just above the window frame at the lower red dot in the following photo. You may hear a popping noise as the jamb liner unsticks from the window frame.
  • Wipe off any dust, dirt, cob webs or whatever from the window tracks with a damp rag until clean and dry.
  • Apply a light coat of silicone spray to the track of the lower sash as indicated by the red dots in the photo below. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel. I prefer silicone spray because it’s colorless, very slick and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
Silicone Spray Lubricant and Window Sash
Silicone Spray Lubricant and Window Sash

Read the instructions on the spray can and test a small area first to make sure there it won’t discolor or dissolve the paint or plastic. I’ve never had a problem, but best to test first.

Try to raise the window. If it opens, great!

Rap on the Window Frame

Occasionally the window sash still won’t budge. If so, rap on both sides of the window frame a hammer fist at the blue dot as indicated in the above photo. Start lightly and then more strongly if necessary. The hammer fists should force the window frame downward just enough (a fraction of an inch) to break the bond with the jamb liners.

If the hammer fist doesn’t work, examine the exterior window frame because I’ve discovered many instances where the paint has bonded the window to the frame. This happens when the painters are careless and fill-in the gap between the exterior frame and sash. You’ll have to cut through the painted-filled joint with a putty knife to free the sash. See the next section for freeing the paint joints.

After raising the window sash, clean and lubricate the exposed window tracks – the area between the red lines:

Inner and Outer Tracks
Inner and Outer Tracks

Free the Top Window Sash

Raise the bottom sash all the way up to access the upper window sash. Free the upper window sash pressing inward against the jamb liners,  pulling down and/or rapping upwards with hammer fists. It helps to remove the window screen to allow move room to maneuver. Clean and lube the upper tracks.

Window Sashes Glued with Paint

The top sashes on all my windows were frozen in place and wouldn’t budge despite my efforts. I discovered careless house painters had painted the window sash to the header and tracks, effectively “gluing” the windows in place. The painter is supposed to partially open the windows when painting, then move the windows up/down after 30 minutes so the paint doesn’t bond the window closed.

The vinyl side track has a weather seal that overlaps the edge of the window sash. The paint dried along this joint, gluing the window in place. The painters also filled the gap between the blind stop and top of the frame (yellow arrows) with paint. The paint bond is surprising strong.

Window Glued Shut with Paint
Window Glued Shut with Paint

Insert a putty knife between the window sash and the weather seal to break the painted seam free.

Stuck Window Sash – Separating the Paint Seam

Slide the putty knife upward. The vinyl weather seal will flex, breaking the paint bond to the sash. Keep the blade nearly flat and work it along the seam several times.

Freeing the Stuck Window Sash with a Putty Knife

Run the putty along the other side of the window frame to break the paint seam.

Break the Painted Bond on the Other Side of the Window Frame

Also run the putty knife along the top of the window frame to break any paint bonds. After breaking the paint bonds, I was able to move the top window sash and lubricate the tracks.

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