Fluke LinkSprinter Network Tester Model 200

Fluke LinkSprinter 200 Network Tester Review

The Fluke Networks LinkSprinter 200 Network Tester is a pocket size, affordable, easy to use and feature-packed automated network test tool. Simply plug an Ethernet cable into the LinkSprinter and it automatically tests PoE, Link, DHCP, DNS, Gateway and Internet connectivity. Test results are delivered to your mobile device via the LinkSprinter internal Wi-Fi hotspot […]

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Fluke LinkSprinter - DHCP Test with Smartphone WiFi Connection

Fluke LinkSprinter Network Trouble Testing

In this update I try out the Fluke LinkSprinter 200 on several different networks and trouble conditions. This article is continued from Fluke LinkSprinter 200 Network Tester Review. Fluke LinkSprinter Network Trouble Testing To create various home network trouble conditions I disconnected the Ethernet cable from Wi-Fi router to cable modem which killed my Internet access. […]

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DOD LS430W Car DVR with 64GB Memory Card

DOD LS430W Car Dash Cam Review

The DOD LS430W is a car Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with GPS that mounts to the windshield to record video and audio while driving. Over 8 hours of 1080P high definition video can be recorded with a 64GB microSDXC memory card. The video recordings are saved in Apple QuickTime format (.mov files) which can copied […]

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DOD LS430W Car DVR Windshield Mount - Driver View

DOD LS430W Car Dash Cam Review – Part 2

Summary: Connecting the camera to a computer, DOD Player software, video demonstration and live driving footage. This product review is continued from DOD LS430W Car Dash Cam Review – Part 1. DOD LS430W USB Computer Connection The DOD LS430W car DVR includes a USB cable for power and data to connect the camera to a […]

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Cordless Drill Nail Puller

Cordless Drill Nail Puller Review

The Cordless Drill Nail Puller tool attaches to any cordless drill/driver and makes pulling nails as easy as backing out a screw. Cordless Drill Nail Puller Review The Cordless Drill Nail Puller was invented and patented by Craig Laun for a better way to extract nails. The features of the Cordless Drill Nail Puller are: […]

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Remove the Old Wall Oven Fan Motor

How to Replace a Built-In Oven Fan

How to replace a built-in oven fan step by step instructions. The cooling fan on my 10 year old General Electric (GE) Wall Oven started making a loud and annoying rattling sound when the oven is hot and the fan turns on. I suspected the fan motor bearings were going bad. I ordered an original […]

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Built-In Oven Fan Repair: Clean the Fan Screen

Built-In Oven Fan Repair

Built-in oven fan repair by cleaning the clogged oven fan screen and install a new fan motor. This project is continued from How to Replace a Built-In Oven Fan. Clogged Oven Fan Screen Causes Overheating Important! The electricity was shutoff at the circuit breaker panel. Do not work on the oven if the electricity is […]

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Residential Air Handler Sheet Metal Air Duct Diagram

How to Install Round Sheet Metal Duct

This project shows how to install round sheet metal duct. The poorly installed flexible duct is replaced with sheet metal duct from the air handler supply plenum to the distribution trunk ducts for more efficient home heating and cooling. Flexible Duct vs Sheet Metal Duct Flexible air duct is used extensively in residential HVAC systems […]

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