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  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter - Force Different DNS Server per VLAN DNAT Rules

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter: How to Enforce Different DNS Servers per VLAN

This project explains how to enforce different DNS servers per VLAN on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. This technique is known as DNS Intercept to silently remap queries to unauthorized DNS servers for network policy compliance. Common [...]

  • Remodeled Stairs with Young Mfg RetroTreads

How to Remodel Carpeted Stairs with Wood RetroTreads

This project shows how to remodel carpeted stairs with wood RetroTreadsĀ® made by Young Manufacturing. RetroTreads are available through flooring distributors and sold by retailers as Stairtek Retreads. About 90% of the work was preparation [...]

  • Carpet to Wood Stair Remodel - RetroTread Installation

Carpet to Wood Stair Remodel: How to Install RetroTreads and Risers

Carpet to Wood Stair Remodel: How to install RetroTreads and Risers using polyurethane construction adhesive and brad nails, then finishing the stair landing to carpet floor transition. Table of Contents This is a multi-part series: [...]

  • Young RetroTread Stair Remodel - Rip Cut Stair Nose with Circular Saw

Carpet to Wood Stairs Remodel – Saw off Old Stair Nosing

Carpet to Wood Stairs Remodel - Saw off Old Stair Nosing after removing the carpet. The next steps in the wood RetroTread stair remodel are: Remove the carpet, underlayment, tack strips and staples. Saw the [...]

  • RetroTread - Top Stair Landing to Carpet Transition Moulding Diagram

RetroTread Stair Remodel – Landing Tread to Carpet Floor Transition

How to cut and fit the top stair landing tread to fit under the door jambs to make the wood stairs to carpet transition. A cardboard template is made to cut the RetroTread to fit [...]

  • Carpet to Wood Stair Remodel - Dry Fitting Young RetroTread and Riser

Carpet Stair Remodel – Measure and Saw Wood RetroTreads

How to measure, saw and fit wood RetroTreads and Risers using a stair tread template tool, compound sliding miter saw and table saw to remodel carpeted stairs. Table of Contents This is a multi-part series: [...]

  • Basement Hot Water Heater Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve - Drain and Upward Piping

Basement Water Heater Temperature & Pressure Valve Discharge Pipe to the Outdoors

How to install basement water heater Temperature & Pressure valve discharge pipe to the outdoors to comply with the Plumbing Code. I hired a plumber to replace the old heater and route the new T&P [...]

  • Natural Gas Water Heater Type B Flue Vent Connections

Water Heater Replacement – Gas Supply & Type B Flue Vent Connections

Replace an old water heater and rework the natural gas and Type B flue exhaust vents to comply with the building code. Table of Contents Gas Water Heater Replacement Cost and Code Compliance Natural Gas [...]

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