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About Us

Welcome to Handyman How-To, we’re bringing you the content in this website to help home owners, apartment renters, ranchers, and everyone in-between to get real-life information to help with projects that you can do it yourself (DIY) or help you do at least some of the work yourself.

Especially as labor and materials prices rise and sometimes even not being able to find someone good and reliable locally, it just makes sense to take on projects around the house yourself to save money, get it done quicker, and also get a lot of personal satisfaction during the process!

And, of course, putting in the effort into your home typically helps you enjoy your place more and also have a far better understanding of how things work.

Our Founder

James Elder has been fiddling with gadgets and using tools from a young age. His earliest experiences were with Tinker Toys as a young boy and he then quickly graduated to using some of his father’s tools in his workshop even before Legos came to the US and became popular.

James’ father was an excellent craftsman and James enjoyed spending time with his dad and learning all he could about working with wood, drywall, electronics, and various household projects.

James is a certified Handyman Professional and a lifetime member of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. He has worked professionally for many years as a craftsmen and his passion is to share this knowledge that is especially useful to aspiring handy men & women to get more done around their homes. This passion is the reason that the Handyman How-To website exists here.

Finally, we’ll end our introduction by paying our respects to the author of a lot of the great content on this site, the late Bob Jackson. Bob was also hugely passionate about handyman topics and we proudly include all of Bob’s original articles that are a great help to our readers and to honor Bob’s legacy.

Warm regards from James and the rest of the Handyman How-To Team!