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Cat6 Ethernet Jack Punchdown Wiring

How to Wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Jack

This project shows how to fish cable and wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet jack for a home network. I’ve been upgrading my network and decided to switch from Cat5e to Cat6 cable for all new installs. Cat5e supports a maximum of 1 Gigabit/sec whereas Cat6 supports 10 Gigabits/sec speed and is future-proof for multi-Gigabit Internet […]

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Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Plug with Strain Relief Boot

How to Wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Plug

How to wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet plug for a home network photo tutorial. This project is continued form How to Wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Jack. How to Wire a Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet Plug After fishing Ethernet cable from the attic and wiring a new Cat6 RJ45 wall jack, I needed to terminate the […]

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Network Diagram

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite SOHO Network Design

This project describes the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite, EdgeSwitch 24 and UniFi Access Point network design for a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network. Home networks are rapidly becoming more complex and taking on the characteristics of small enterprise networks. My network has almost 30 IP connected devices ranging from PCs to smart TVs to Internet of […]

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Home Network Migration from WiFi Router to EdgeRouter Lite

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite SOHO Network Configuration

This project explains the factory new Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite SOHO network configuration with firewall rules and VLANs. As described in the project introduction, I created my SOHO network design diagram before taking the EdgeRouter Lite (ER3) out of the box: To view and save the full size network diagram from a desktop browser: Click on […]

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Ubiquiti Edgeroute Lite - WAN_IN and WAN_LOCAL Firewall Rules

EdgeRouter Lite SOHO Network Firewall Rules

The EdgeRouter Lite SOHO network firewall rules are explained in detail. This project is continued from Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite SOHO Network Configuration. Also see the project introduction for network requirements, logical and physical network design. My network design diagram is: The EdgeRouter Lite print configuration and CLI commands were discussed in the previous project. Now […]

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Netflix Watch Instantly on TV FS

How to Watch Netflix Instantly on your HDTV

This tutorial explains how to watch Netflix Instantly on your HDTV by connecting your computer to the TV. I subscribe to Netflix and mostly watch DVDs on the plasma HDTV. Watching Netflix on a tablet or PC is nice, but there are times when I’d like to take advantage of Netflix’s “watch instantly” streaming internet […]

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Ethernet Jack Wiring FS

How to Install an Ethernet Jack for a Home Network

This project shows how to install an Ethernet jack for a home network with wiring instructions and photos. The home network is extended to the basement game room by running Cat 5e cable and installing a new Ethernet jack. A “wired” network connection was needed at this location due to a weak WiFi (wireless) LAN […]

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