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Refrigerator Noise Stops When the Door Opens (EASY FIX!)

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The motors, fans, and compressors that power refrigerators vibrate and generate noise while they work. However, when you open the door, the noise stops.

Why is that?

Refrigerator noise stops when the door opens usually indicates that the Evaporator Fan has been temporarily shut off. Most modern refrigerators have a door switch that turns off the evaporator fan when the door is opened.

There are also other possible reasons which we’ll discuss below.

Why Does My Refrigerator Noise Stop When the Door Opens

Why Do Refrigerators Make Noise?

We can describe the fridge’s noise as a faint buzzing or humming that occasionally includes whirring or clicking sounds . In certain circumstances, this noise may be irregular or intermittent, happening at various times during the day or night.

The mechanical parts that operate a refrigerator, such as the compressor, fans, motors, and defrost heaters, are the culprit behind the sounds.

The compressor removes heat from the refrigerator’s interior while circulating the refrigerant through the cooling system. The fans maintain the refrigerator’s temperature because they help circulate air throughout the fridge.

The refrigerator’s motors are in charge of moving the compressor and fan blades.

Finally, the defrost heaters melt any ice accumulated on the evaporator coils.

These compartments emit low-frequency buzzing or humming, which is part of their regular operation.

3 Reasons Why Refrigerators Stop Making Noise When the Door Opens

1. The Noise Escapes the Insulated Space & Appears Quieter

Ignoring the Clicking Noise

Refrigerators are designed with an insulated interior to maintain a consistent fridge temperature. When the refrigerator door is sealed, the insulation allows sound waves to reverberate back and forth, producing an “echo.”

The echo amplifies the sounds and makes the noise more noticeable. However, when the door is opened, the insulated echo is gone, and the sound waves can freely escape through space, making the noise appear noticeably quieter.

2. The Compressor Temporarily Shuts Off

Refrigerator Compressor

Another explanation for the silence could be that the compressor, which circulates the refrigerant and removes heat from the interior, briefly turns off when the refrigerator door opens.

When the door opens, the temperature rises as warm air rushes in. Because of this, refrigerators temporarily turn off the compressor to protect it from overworking and potentially harming the appliance. This is because the compressor must keep the fridge’s inside chambers at a constant temperature, which is harder, if not impossible, to do with an opened door.

Although it’s typical for a refrigerator’s noise to change or stop momentarily when the door is open, it’s crucial to get your appliance checked by a qualified technician if you notice persistent or particularly loud noises emanating from the compressor. The noise could be a sign that there is an issue with the compressor itself, which means you need to buy a new compressor.

3. The Evaporator Fan Shuts off

Faulty Evaporator Fan

A refrigerator’s cooling system cannot function without the evaporator fan, which circulates cold air inside the appliance to keep it at an appropriate temperature.

Most modern refrigerators have a door switch that turns off the evaporator fan when the door is opened. So, when you open the door, the switch is activated, and the fan is temporarily shut off. The switch is turned on again after the door is shut, and the fan starts distributing cold air throughout the refrigerator to maintain a constant temperature. With this cycle, the evaporator fan is protected from excessive use that can harm the appliance.

It’s important to note that not all refrigerators have an evaporator fan that shuts off when the door is open. Some types keep running even with the door slightly open.


A refrigerator can produce various sounds, some of which may stop when we open the door.

The most common reason for the silence is that some refrigerators are designed to turn off the evaporator fan and compressor when the door is opened. This way, the appliance saves energy and prolongs its parts’ lifespan as it ensures they are not overworking.

The mechanical compartments of the refrigerator also generate an echo of noises when the door is closed. However, this echo is gone when we open the door, allowing the sound waves to leave and the noise to disperse.

But if the noise comes from a broken mechanical component, like a broken compressor or a broken fan, it cannot stop when we open the door. If your refrigerator is making strange noises, it’s crucial to evaluate the appliance with the help of a qualified expert who can identify the problem and suggest the required fixes!

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  1. Is this normal operation for a brand new unit? When either door is open, all quiet, shut the door and the loud fan noise starts up. It does cycle and isn’t always on.

    1. Hi Scott, that does sound normal if the desired temp isn’t achieved yet or the unit is working to maintain it. Now, if you think it’s excessively loud, I would check reviews of the unit or the specs (look for dB ratings) to see if maybe there’s something out-of-standard happening with your new unit.

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